Paul Rand Design Book

A creative re-design of Paul Rand's Play Instinct book.

Student Project for DES 115: Letterforms and Typography
Time Period: 1-3 weeks
Skills Utilized: Typography, Editorial Design, Layout Design
Tools Utilized: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Objectives + Constraints
By nature, this book was to be crafted into a "Play," where letters and words dance on a stage of white space. One of the main objectives behind this project was to explore different ways to creatively layout the page and coordinate the illustrations with the meaning of the words, all while sticking to the constraints, sticking to the fundamentals of typography and design, and utilizing all of the given assets. 
That being said, the project was a lot of fun for me and I highly encourage other designers to embrace this project with an open mind. 
My own personal goals included treating each spread as a canvas, rather than 2 (individual) pages conjoined together, utilize white space well, and maintain a balance throughout all of the spreads.

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