I had the privilege of designing for Muze, where I helped design an onboarding flow aimed to educate & convert real estate agents to use our platform to list properties.


User Interviews
Task Flows
Usability Testing
Design System


7 Weeks
Sept 2019


Lead Product Designer
Team of 5 Designers, 1 User Researcher
Desktop Web


Real estate agents are forced to scout, hire and manage their own vendors for media services (photographers, videographers, designers) every time they need to market a property. Muze seeks to streamline this process by aggregating all of these services onto one platform.


Marketing a property requires too much work and risk when enlisting different vendors.

In order to market a property, agents have to hire their own contractors while also handling their own responsibilities. This involves a lot of networking and risk when it comes to finding a suitable vendor for a job. Also, each vendor may only provide certain services, when agents may need a full package. 


How can the marketing process be made quicker? And how can we gain new users' trust?

Streamline an onboarding flow that educates and converts users at once.
We can show users the benefits of an AIO platform by walking them through the actual process of listing a property on our site. They'll see just how fast our listing process is compared to theirs.

Design features (drag-and-drop, instant hire/scheduling) that make the hiring process as seamless as possible.
A big selling point of our platform will be its incredible ease of use to hire media vendors and upload media. They'll be able to list and market the property all in one sitting.

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." - Aristotle
The best way for something to stick in a user's mind is for them to actually do it. To prompt users to interact with our product, we can give them a simple series of steps to ease them on, aka Guided Task Completion.

🎉 Key Features


AIO Platform

List a property, hire vendors, and market it in one flow.

upload sync hire

Upload, Sync, Hire

No missed opportunities here. Users have every option.

media tips

Media Tips

If users want to learn more, our platform will educate them.

How it works

Landing Page

Value proposition: our All In One media platform will make Real Estate Agents' job easier and more efficient.

Profile Setup + Listing ID

Real Estate Agents must validate their real estate licenses in order to pull from the MLS API and list properties. 

Listing a property should be quick and painless - just put in the address and Muze will identify it for you.

Media Upload Hub

Here users experience the AIO media uplaod experience Muze delivers, enabling them to choose any media type they want.

Upload, Sync, or Hire

Agents can simply choose to upload existing media, sync from other libraries, or hire one from Muze's network.

Hire a Professional Instantly

Hiring a professional creative agent from Muze's network is simple and quick - all it takes is knowing a date.

⚡️ Design Process

Frame 2


Frame 3


Frame 6

Me (Co-Lead)

Frame 4

Alexis (Co-Lead)

Frame 5


Frame 5


Credit to Stubborn Library for these awesome illustrations!

Our approach

Double Diamond Method

As design support lead, the majority of my efforts were spent in the beginning stages, Discover and Define. 

Project Scope

Met with client to solidify his vision in terms of project requirements and branding
Explored deliverable expectations given an 8-week timeline


User Interviews with Real Estate Agents to uncover pain points and motivations in their marketing processes
Market research - competitive and comparative research


Worked with team to create Customer Journey
Affinity mapped insights from User Interviews
Defined most important features to design


Delegated different portions of task flow among team
MVP Design System
Elevating sketches to wireframes to high-fi using D.S.


Validation testing with agents to confirm or deny hypotheses created from generative research in Discover phase


Since there were multiple stakeholders, I created a roadmap to align everyone on deliverables. 

Gantt chart


What pain points do REA's face in their current marketing & listing process?

We wanted to understand their current workflows in generating marketing materials (photos, videos, walkthroughs, flyers, etc.) so that we could see exactly what features they prioritize. This way we know which features should be included in an MVP and also evaluate for a true product market fit.

We divided our research into 2 topics, Listing and Marketing:



We used stickies to collaborate on research note-taking as well as synthesizing our info...

listing stickies
marketing stickies

... and then grouped them by insight.

listing insights
marketing insights

Grouping them by theme allowed us to see key pain points and common themes in their marketing and listing processes.


Real Estate Agents have a trusted process to attain their media assets, and have their own opinions about rich media.

🖥 Richer media usually demands a niche / luxury market

🧐 Zillow and Redfin don't give REAs enough customization

🚙 REAs are constantly mobile; they need to work efficiently

😎 They depend on pro-photography, and trust select vendors

⌚︎ REAs can't live without MLS' API to auto-populate their listings


Our target users came from a less tech-savvy generation and were nervous about any change.


Brian | Luxury Real Estate Agents
Sells luxury listings using richest forms of media
Invests most time and money into marketing a property
Uses all forms of marketing media, including photos, 3D video tours, drone videos, floor plans


Randy | Everyday Real Estate Agents
Sells middle-range property listings
Rely mostly on professional photos to sell properties
Prioritize networking and affordable vendors to get the job done
Making a sale is more important than quality of marketing


We looked at apps in the market to learn more about listing processes & 3D photography.

We took notes of design patterns for listing processes that made sense to us - for example, keeping consistent breadcrumbs available at every step for easier navigation throughout a long process will make the user feel more in control. We looked at 3D photography processes to learn what was required.

Airbnb listing


How long should the onboarding be?

One of the most important factors of a successful onboarding is the length and number of required steps. With my co-lead, we mapped out the entire task flow to figure out what all the requirements will be for each step, from account creation to fulfilling the listing.

We then sketched wireframes to cover all the use cases for each media upload type. Each media type required its forms of upload, whether it be uploading from their device or syncing from an online cloud service. Some also required a special Matterport 3D camera. All included a Hire option provided by Muze.


Landing Page

Landing page would contain clear CTA's and full transparency on what the product features.

Landing page

Media Upload Hub

We wanted to surface all of our media upload features to bring awareness about how much our platform can do. We didn't want any missed chances that our users couldn't capitalize on the different options they have for marketing.

Upload Media – 1

Specific Media Upload

To keep the experience as visually consistent as possible, we proceeded with the same layout (CTA's on top, gallery on bottom) so the user can easily flow from one step to the next.

Photography – Landing Page – Filled

Hire a Professional

We went with the modal for every media flow because it provided for the cleanest transition from one step to another, without changing too many visuals on the screen.

Photography – Hire – 1


We conducted 5 rounds of usability testing - and learned a great deal from each one.

I asked the users two main tasks with a given scenario. These tasks were meant to replicate their normal, everyday tasks when working with a client while they are preparing to begin shopping for homes.

We’d like you to imagine that you are working with a borrower named Priya Singh and her husband Akhil, who is the co-borrower. 

Task 1 - Media Comprehension
Imagine that you have received Priya’s loan application and her authorization to pull credit.
Please walk us through the process of how you would go about pulling their credit from all bureaus, and how you’d save it.

Task 2 - Task Completion Speed
Priya is almost set to get her loan approved, but since some time has passed, you decide to check Priya’s (joint) credit again.
Please show how you would check Priya’s credit report a second time.


Users not only found the tasks easy to execute, but complimented how useful it was to comment on a PDF. 

Our users were happy with the simplicity of the tasks. We were given valuable suggestions, such as automatically pulling a tri-merge report instead of from 1 bureau, that we quickly incorporated into our prototypes for future testing.


Users successfully ordered a joint credit report for Priya.


Users easily navigated to Priya’s folder to refresh her credit.


Users were able to Upgrade a Report to pull from an additional bureau.


A helping hand goes a long way.

Mid-Fi First

 If there are already design assets, then it may be easier to skip lo-fi stages into mid-fi iterations - especially if the team workshopped sketches together with a design critique.

User Feedback is valuable, but not always right.

Take user feedback with a grain of salt - even with a small sample size. Every user can be an outlier, so wait for more users.

Usability Session Controls

Take control over usability sessions, and avoid all leading questions. Each user has different experiences using this app.

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