TMCR: Website Design

Designing custom pages tailored to UC Davis' TMCR Website.

Time Period: Fall - Winter 2016 (~6 months)
Skills Utilized: Web Design, Wireframing, Icon Design, Graphic Design, Typography
Audience: > 100,000; (graduate) students, UCD administration, investors, general public

The UC Davis | Technology Management and Corporate Relations required a new website to expand its customer base and to reach a wider audience of investors. These investors needed to look more into depth the projects that UC Davis graduate research teams utilize their investors' funding for, and this new website would help educate old and new potential investors about past achievements, accolades, rewards, innovations, startups, partnerships, and many licensing opportunities that they can find themselves to be a part of. 
The mission: "Transforming today's research and development into tomorrow's successful business."

My main task was to explore the various ways in which we could portray this website not only as visual, but as a straightforward, informational tool that both startup companies, investors, and managers could use. Therefore, we wanted it to be colorful, modern, and simple at the same time. Each page is tailored and created from scratch to cater towards the user's convenience. 

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