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I went through a phase and became this digital nomad where I worked in WeWorks all around NY for a couple weeks. 10/10 would recommend!

Hey there 🖖🏻,

I’m a Product Designer who helps users get from point A to B as efficiently as possible. I love meeeting new people, so I always try to connect with my users to understand their behaviors and motivations so I could tie in their desires with my business needs.

After a successful career helping gamers understand data, youth-athletes learn online, and small businesses acquire users, I helped loan officers and real estate agents accomplish their tasks quicker than ever by consolidating their job functions onto 1 platform. Prior to this, I studied design at UC Davis, but I first found design during the golden age of Photoshop 7.0 and Pokemon forums (I was 12). 

When I'm not designing, I'm immersing myself in hobbies that have taught me a lot and helped me grow.

  • From lifting 🏋️‍♂️, I learned that being consistent and setting goals achieve long-term results.
  • From competitive bowling 🎳, I learned about how the smallest adjustments make a huge impact.
  • From gaming 🎮, I learned trusting my team comes out to bigger wins and more fun. 

I’m currently looking for full-time opportunities in the Bay Area. Please don't hesitate to reach out— I'm happy to chat about work or play!

I've met some cool people at...

Intimate Sessions IV: Meet Talented Leaders in the UX Field (11/7)
Tradecraft HH w/ Noah Levin, Director of Design @ Figma (10/30)
Hexagon UX Panel: Tackling Imposter Syndrome (10/29)
Building User Research Frameworks to Drive Higher Impact (10/24)
UX // Research // Design (10/3)
Evolution of Design Sprints w/ Google (9/19)
User Testing Night (9/18)
Keep it on the Download (9/10)

Some things I wanna do

◻️ Make my teammates proud (& happy)
◻️ Learn React
◻️ Learn Framer
◻️ Solo-trip to Europe & SE Asia
◻️ Bowl a 300/800
◻️ Bench 225 for 5x5
◻️ Beat all of my friends at ping pong
◻️ Learn how to golf
◻️ Do a tough-mudder event
◻️ Run five 5K's

Let's Chat

I'm open to chat about any opportunities, or even just to chat!